About me

Fortunate is a seasoned Creative in Lagos, Nigeria, who has evolved from Photography to directing of videos and other forms of motion pictures. He started out as a graphic designer in his early years and transcended his art into photography because of his attention to details, which he has shown in his creative and appealing works.

Fortunate was born on the of 10th July in Lagos and is a thorough bred “Lagosian” who has been actively inspired (but not limited) by the Afrocentric and hustling nature of the Lagos life over his formative years.

He hails from Ngor Okpala, Imo State. He is the second child of Seven siblings.

Fortunate has inculcated a strong work ethic over the years being an elder sibling to his younger ones and that has reflected in his works as well, his core values which includes his love for people and his craft is unparalleled which has been a driving force for his creativity.

Fortunate has been Davido’s (one of the most revered Afro beat sensation) personal photographer for a while now and has accorded him the opportunity to have toured over 50 cities in the world (including the Middle East, United Kingdom, South Africa and Other Parts of Africa ) spreading his love for his craft and documenting appealing images to the world of art.

Fortunate co-founded a production company with his Partner David Olaleye, Gracelle productions, as a hub where other creatives and artistes can collaborate on projects together as also render production solutions in diverse capacities.

Recent Works